Capital Abstract & Title, LLC


On-Site Searching and Examining

The first step in title services from Capital Abstract and Title Company include on-site searching and examining for the property, name, and tax searches.

What is on-site searching and examining?

There are three distinct searches performed by our experienced title officers: Property, Name, and Tax searches. All on-site searches involve examining public records to review the history of the property. Property searches are part of a thorough examination of property records to ensure the title is valid, promising you a clear title. Name searches check for any judgments against the seller or previous owners while they owned the title, while a tax search determines the status of the real estate taxes and assessments against the property.

Once we complete all of those on-site searches and examine the title for any issues, we will create a preliminary report that both helps you process any hard copies documents as well as expedited imaging of online documents. The preliminary report created from our on-site searching and examining helps you evaluate the impact of any matters on the property. Overall, we seek to help you make the most informed buying decisions possible.