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Comprehensive Closing Services

Whether this is your first closing or your 100th, it’s important to choose a company with the escrow and title services you need. Specializing in commercial transactions from retail to developments, commercial buildings and loans, we offer all the title services you will need along with the expertise to handle any challenge that may arise.

Title Insurance

When you make an order for title insurance, you can expect a response within just 24-48 hours. You can expect a prompt preliminary report with even the minimum of information. Contact us to order a preliminary report today.

On-Site Searching and Examining

Our experienced title agents can perform all the searches you require including property, name, and tax searches. We take the information from the searches and present you with a complete preliminary report.Our on-site customer service center will also assist you in expediting hard copies of recorded documents, and imaging allows you to easily obtain documents online. [Read more…]

Technical Review

When you need useful, accurate information, our experienced title officers will do a technical analysis of the documents on record, interpreting the data and helping you evaluate their impact on the property. [Read more…]

Inspection Analysis

You can rest assured that our inspection report will reveal any encroachments or off-record matters that would affect the title. This site inspection is in anticipation of ALTA coverage (American Land Title Association). [Read more…]

Reinsurance and Coinsurance

Protect yourself and your purchases with reinsurance or coinsurance. We will help you determine your needs and choose an insurance company.

1031 Tax-deferred Exchange Services for Investment Property

If you’re looking for 1031 tax-deferred exchange services, we are well-versed in these types of transactions. You may be interested in these type of services when selling your interest in an investment property. A 1031 tax-deferred exchange allows you to dispose of investment properties and acquire “like-kind” properties while deferring capital gains taxes and depreciation recapture. We’ve handled these types of transactions across Arkansas, and we can handle these types of exchanges for you, working closely with you during your like-kind transaction.

We also work directly with a qualified intermediary, who will handle your exchange funds with care and trust.

For Sale By Owner and Realtor Sales

Whether you’re choosing to work with a realtor or looking to make a For Sale by Owner sale, we will walk you through the process. [Download forms here…]

Comprehensive Closing and Title Service Solutions

We understand that sometimes it takes a delicate balance of the interests of the parties involved to find creative solutions. As a trusted Arkansas title company, we will professionally and courteously handle any issues as they arise, guiding you through a successful transaction.

No matter what your title and closing needs, choose Capital Abstract and Title Co. for your Arkansas title company to help you through each step of the process.